About us

At Endeavour Group we exist to bring people together in better, more enjoyable, and more meaningful ways, through great experiences and positive, memorable moments.

We’re pioneering, entrepreneurial and always innovating

We connect people through our products and places, enabling great experiences and positive, memorable moments

Creating a more sociable

We do the right thing —
build our business sustainably, act responsibly and embrace technology

We work as one team to contribute to the communities we serve and collaborate with our partners to help build a better industry

Our approach

Endeavour Group is Australia’s leading retail drinks and hospitality business.

Our portfolio of complementary brands and businesses allows us to curate our brand propositions to meet customer needs. Each of our businesses has its own distinct value proposition built through shared capabilities in format, range, digital, data and analytics that form the foundations of Endeavour Group’s market leadership in retail drinks and hospitality.

Our business is based around digital engagement and we have significant customer reach, through our My Dan’s and Monty’s Rewards members, and access to Everyday Rewards members.

This broad reach is supported by a large network of stores and hotels, which enables us to deliver outstanding experience and convenience, while further deepening our eCommerce engagement.

We have the largest number of pick up locations in Australia, fast delivery alternatives and the widest product selection across our various brands.

How we do business

There are four key pillars that define the way we do business.

Know our customer

We intend to continue to invest in knowing our customers better than anyone else in order to provide them with relevant and convenient ranges and services while offering great value. This is supplemented by our strongly-embedded customer feedback programs and targeted market research to generate customer insights that are a regular part of decision making across Endeavour Group.


One team living our purpose and values

Our team are critical to our success. Opportunities to create great experiences for our customers can only be unlocked through a culture in which team members are strong advocates for Endeavour Group and are empowered to bring to life the Endeavour Group purpose of creating a more sociable future together. Core to this purpose, is working end to end across our business, living our values and ways of working.


Innovate to meet our customers needs

Our customer knowledge together with Endeavour Group’s portfolio of businesses and brands creates engaging experiences for customers in stores, venues, or digital assets. Core to creating engaging experiences, is bringing discovery, convenience, and experience to life through Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Hotels, being a leader in personalised digital engagement through EndeavourX and delivering unique quality products through Pinnacle Drinks.


with responsibility

Endeavour Group aims to be Australia’s most responsible operator of hotels, alcohol and gaming facilities, ensuring there is a focus across the business on safety, social, ethical, economic and environmental impacts of its operations. In particular, we aim to be the industry leader in the responsible service of alcohol and the responsible conduct of gaming. Our social licence comes from our leadership on responsible service of alcohol and gaming in Australia and is enabled through our connections with local communities and support providers who are focused on improving outcomes and reducing harm.