Responsible service of alcohol

As part of living its purpose, Endeavour Group is committed to leading with responsibility by advocating for responsible choices in the products and services provided, and the manner in which they are provided, consumed and enjoyed.

Endeavour Group is committed to maintaining our culture of industry leadership in the responsible service of alcohol

All team members undertake both regulated and Endeavour Group training to ensure they are able to serve responsibly and minimise harm. Through its board positions in industry associations and participation in over 150 Liquor Accords aimed at developing safe and well-managed environments in and around licensed premises, Endeavour Group is able to collaborate with like minded organisations to lead the industry towards best practice processes and high standards of ethical behaviour. 

In addition to a dedicated team that manage regulatory compliance, Endeavour Group has implemented a wide range of voluntary measures for managing and mitigating issues relating to responsible drinking, responsible service of alcohol and the ranging, sale and marketing of alcohol. 

Some of the ways we go beyond regulatory compliance with our voluntary initiatives includes:

  • ID25: we ask for ID if a shopper looks under the age of 25;
  • We operate an independent review of ID25 compliance at all BWS and Dan Murphy’s sites, as well as in our online business. Every BWS store is tested twice a year, and Dan Murphy’s stores are tested every eight weeks;
  • We seek to stop secondary supply through the “Don’t Buy It for Them” policy and awareness campaign;
  • We support campaigns for responsible drinking e.g. DrinkWise Australia cultural change programs and labelling initiatives, and the Choose to DrinkWise retail campaign; and
  • We refuse service if a young shopper is in school uniform.

Liquor Accords Portal

Endeavour Group is active in local Liquor Accords where they exist. Our internal Liquor Accords Portal is a platform that connects our store teams with information and resources provided by Liquor Accords across Australia. The portal has empowered store teams to drive community engagement with other local industry representatives, businesses, council and local police.

Online Alcohol Sale and Delivery Code of Conduct

Using Endeavour Group’s internal responsible service of alcohol policies as the foundation, Endeavour Group has worked with Retail Drinks Australia (RDA) to develop an industry applicable Online Alcohol Sale and Delivery Code of Conduct. This Code is now adopted by all Retail Drinks Australia members. 

Our leadership in this area has been recognised by the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD). Endeavour Group was invited as the sole Australian retail contributor, joining the 12 leading global beer, wine and spirits producers that form IARD, and other prominent global and regional online retailers and ecommerce and delivery platforms, to develop international standards for the sale of alcohol online globally. The resulting standards, now launched, represent a world-first coalition to develop and enhance safeguards to prevent the online sale and delivery of alcohol to minors and to reduce harmful drinking among adults.

Alcoholic Beverage Advertising Code (ABAC)

As a signatory since 2013 to the voluntary ABAC, Endeavour Group is committed to ensuring its advertising campaigns and own brand packaging meet community standards. As a signatory to ABAC, Endeavour Group commits to the objectives of the Code to ensure that alcohol advertising does not encourage irresponsible or unsafe consumption, or consumption by persons under 18 years of age, and does not target young people. 

Endeavour Group’s own advertising and packaging are subject to the ABAC review and complaints process. Endeavour Group regularly engages with ABAC’s management committee regarding changes in advertising platforms, and submits the majority of its marketing campaigns to the ABAC Alcohol Advertising Pre-Vetting Service which considers whether Endeavour Group’s marketing plan executions are consistent with ABAC standards.


Endeavour Group is a funding supporter of DrinkWise – an independent, not-for-profit organisation whose primary focus is to help bring about a healthier and safer drinking culture in Australia. To promote such significant behavioural changes, DrinkWise develops and implements a range of national information and education campaigns, as well as providing practical resources to help inform and support the community about responsible alcohol use.