Our people

Steve Donohue

Chief Executive Officer – Endeavour Group Limited

Alex Freudmann

Managing Director – Dan Murphy’s

Scott Davidson

Managing Director – BWS

Bruce Mathieson Jr

Managing Director – Hotels

Paul Walton

Director – Pinnacle Drinks

Claire Smith

Director – EndeavourX

Alison Merner

Chief People Officer

Judith Powell

Chief Information Officer

Shane Gannon

Chief Financial Officer

Kate Beattie

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Peter Atkin

Chief Legal Officer

Julie Ryan

Head of External Affairs and Sustainability

Agnieszka Pfeiffer-Smith

Chief Strategy Officer

Peter Hardy

Director – Group Services

Michael James

Director – Store Operations

Rory Jacobs

General Manager – Format Development

Tim Carroll

General Manager – Merchandising

Nikolas Stegelmann

General Manager – Specialty Business & eCommerce

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