Australian Payments Plus (AP+) and LAB Group partner with Endeavour Group to deliver digital ID verification

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Australia’s leading drinks and hospitality business Endeavour Group will partner with ConnectID, provided by Australian Payments Plus and LAB Group to bring a new digital identification service to its customers across its retail brands including Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Jimmy Bring’s and Shorty’s online services.

The solutions being provided by ConnectID and LAB Group will enable Endeavour Group to meet the new identity verification requirements for same-day alcohol delivery.

AP+ are working with Endeavour over the coming months to integrate ConnectID into the online Endeavour infrastructure, which will provide an easy and safe digital identity solution for consumers purchasing products through Endeavour Group’s online retailers.

LAB Group led strategic integrations with user verification specialist OCR Labs, for fully-automated identity and data verification and upload, as well as ConnectID for digital identity verification that leverages the emerging Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF).

Liquor & Gaming NSW introduced regulatory reform in June 2021 for same-day alcohol delivery after the COVID-pandemic further accelerated demands for greater convenience with customers opting for contactless delivery. Retailers who deliver liquor on the same day will be obligated to electronically verify the identity of the purchaser at the point of purchase or account creation.