BWS Refreshingly New, Bondi Junction

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Imagine walking into a store that has what you know and love, but seeing something new every time.

A place that’s magnetic from the outside, a vibe inside, but still helps you get what you need, to get on your way.

The new BWS store format in Bondi Junction is there to meet that brief, bringing the fun but not at the expense of convenience.

BWS Managing Director Scott Davidson said it was a way to find those moments in-between that encourage our customers to play.

“Whether it’s the local selection curated to local tastes, or the simplicity of the layout that helps you find what you want without navigating a sea of product, BWS Bondi Junction is an experience worth sharing,” Mr Davidson said.

“This new format gives customers what they want in more ways than one and we are proud to have this concept launched in Bondi Junction.”

“The store now offers increased refrigeration to save you chilling your drinks at home, new merchandising to make it easy to get in and out, and new displays highlighting new, seasonal and local products offering quick inspiration.

“The new mobile point of sale system means our team can serve you from anywhere in the store and you can pay from wherever you’re standing.

“Our team has been trained in wine and spirit education meaning they can help you find the perfect drop.

“We also have a focus on sustainability - we have a used box unit to encourage customers to carry their drinks home in used boxes.

“We’ve replaced our old fixtures and fittings with metal ones, making it the most sustainable commercial material in terms of recycling potential.

“Our online pick-up process is optimised in store, meaning you can browse the entire range online and order ahead resulting in your items will be waiting for you at the door upon arrival.

“And finally, nothing says Bondi like the beach or a barbecue with friends. That’s why we’ve had local artist Kentaro Yoshida adorn our space with two bespoke murals, telling the story of our beachside community.”

"When creating the designs for these pillars, I wanted to showcase the local vibe and feeling of Bondi and the surrounding areas,” Kentaro said.

“For one of the pillars, I drew inspiration from Bondi Beach and included details around classic Bondi Beach activities and people.

“The second pillar focused more on a backyard setting, friends and family enjoying everyday Australian activities like BBQing in the backyard, with our iconic city skyline in the distance.

“I also included some hidden moments of my signature characters - be sure to look out for them when shopping!”

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