Dan Murphy’s 2023 Decoded Wine Awards recognising excellence for every budget from Australia and New Zealand

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The highly-anticipated Dan Murphy’s Decoded Wine Award winners have been announced for 2023 recognising outstanding wines from across Australia and New Zealand, while helping customers navigate their drinks discovery. 

The selection process is the result of a rigorous 4-day tasting event from a panel of 12 esteemed wine judges tasting more than 1,100 wines. 

And to eliminate any potential bias or room for influence all judging is carried out under blind tasting conditions. 

This year’s winners embody the craftsmanship of winemaking right across the red and wine varietals, sparking, rose, fortified and vermouth, low and lighter alcohol as well as zero alcohol offerings. 

Dan Murphy’s Head of Wine Andrew Shedden said the awards are about celebrating excellence as well as taking out the guesswork for customers. 

“We really wanted to celebrate the exquisite wine offerings from Australia and New Zealand while not going too heavy on the wine jargon. 

“We know the world of wine can be intimidating at times so for this campaign we've ditched industry focused phrases such as ‘malolactic fermentation’, ‘autumnal characteristics’ and ‘wet stone minerality’ and used customer friendly phrases like ‘fuller, richer’, ‘light and crisp’ and ‘fruity and fun’ instead. 

“We have grouped the wines by style and price to make it really easy for customers to find what they enjoy and give them the opportunity to try something new within their budget.” 

“The under $25 category has really shone brightly this year. What was evident in judging this price range is that you don't have to compromise on taste. While there will always be customers who seek out a higher price range and they're getting outstanding wines at those price points, the more accessible market is becoming something of a huge interest now given macroeconomic conditions. " 

This year’s Decoded Wine Awards also present a unique offering for customers by presenting food pairing suggestions to make the drinks discovery even more enjoyable. 

“When people are presented with an opportunity for quality wines, the next thing that often comes to mind for them is what food they should match it with. 

“This can also present its own challenges given there are so many culinary options out there. 

“This is something we haven’t done before and often it isn’t really considered in traditional wine awards. 

“We wanted to break the mould and in the spirit of streamlining the process for people to enjoy quality wines, we wanted to provide another level of guidance for those embarking on their wine journey. 

There’s even more to love about this year’s Decoded Wine Awards with an exclusive Spend for Rewards offer for My Dan’s Members. Get up to $50 off when you shop award-winning wines picked by our panel of expert judges. 

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