Non-alcoholic drinks sales skyrocket as Australians look to drink less but better

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It’s official, we are becoming a nation of beer, wine & spirits drinkers - minus the alcohol.

Sales of non-alcoholic* drinks have increased more than 83 percent in the 12 months according to sales data from Endeavour Group, the parent company of BWS and Dan Murphy’s.

“The majority of customers are choosing non-alcoholic drinks because they want to moderate, which is a reflection of a broader trend of Australians drinking less but better,” said Endeavour Group’s Head of Merchandise Transformation Bree Coleman.

“Many also simply enjoy the taste of the new wave of non-alcoholic drinks. The quality and innovation is quite incredible,” she added.

Both BWS and Dan Murphy’s are expanding their range of non-alcoholic beverages to meet the increase in demand, and Dan Murphy’s will soon boast one of the country’s largest offering with more than 200 different products to choose from with everything from craft beer, rosé and bubbles to craft gin and bourbon.

Beer is the best selling non-alcoholic drink followed by wine.

“Non-alcoholic beer has been around for quite some time, and brewers have really managed to perfect a product that tastes like the alcoholic version. Now, we are also seeing a great range of delicious non-alcoholic craft beers explode on the scene,” Ms Coleman said.

“Many winemakers have spent the last few years refining methods to make non-alcoholic wines, and many craft the wines as they normally would, and then remove the alcohol, which means the wines have all the flavours, but none of the alcohol,” she added.

Although beer and wine are the best selling non-alcoholic drinks, the sales for non-alcoholic spirits (136 percent growth in the last 12 months) and premix (968 percent) are the fastest growing.

“The gin-essaince and the premix premiumisation are trends that are reflected in customers wanting to explore non-alcoholic options in those categories,” Ms Coleman said.

The new and improved range of 200 products at Dan Murphy’ will be available nationally via online orders, and will be available in 20** physical stores to begin with from mid-July.

“We have chosen these 20 stores because they are the biggest sellers of non-alcoholic drinks, so we think the local customers will appreciate the expanded range,” she explained.  

To shop a wide range of non-alcoholic products, head to your local BWS or Dan Murphy’s, or shop online through bws.com.au or danmurphys.com.au.

According to data from The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there is an increase in the number of Australians cutting back on alcohol and completely abstaining from it***.

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* According to Food Standards Australia, beverages containing less than 0.5% ABV are considered non-alcoholic.

**The first 20 Dan Murphy’s stores which will have the entire new range in stores:

ACT: Dickson, Canberra Airport (range in August)

NSW: Double Bay, Frenchs Forest, Mona Vale, Casula

VIC: Ocean Grove, Hawthorn East, Richmond, Alphington, Prahran, Glen Waverley

SA: Noarlunga, Glenunga

QLD: Noosaville,The Gap, Middle Park

WA: Kelmscott, Como

TAS: Launceston

***The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare